Personal empowerment through hula hooping

Hula hoop dance is a powerful and expressive art form involving a dance partner that never fights for the lead: a perfect circle. Hannah Pinkos, the founder of Harmonia Hoop Dance, is excited to share her personal passion for movement by offering hoop fitness classes in the Philly suburbs. Hannah is also a professional LED performer and fire dancer. She strives to bring top-quality unique entertainment to enhance the atmosphere at any event.

Stay in shape the fun way!

Hoop dance is a great way to exercise and it offers room for creativity that you simply can't get on a treadmill. Hannah is a Hoop Love Coach certified instructor and has been teaching classes almost as long as she has been hooping. Hannah first discovered hoop dance as a way to work out and lose weight, and can't wait to share this alternative aerobic activity with those who are tired of the same old routine.
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Hire a hooper!

Looking to add some unique flair to your next event? Hire a hooper! Whether you're throwing a kids birthday party or a large corporate event, a professional hoop dance performance will sure to leave your guests with an unforgettable experience. Hannah is a certified and insured performer, and offers both LED and fire performances throughout the Philadelphia area.
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